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# This file is used to ignore files which are generated
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# qtcreator generated files
# xemacs temporary files
# Vim temporary files
# Visual Studio generated files
# gcov files
# MinGW generated files
# Python byte code
# translation related:
# Qml caching files
# Directories to ignore
# ---------------------
# ignore both a directory as well as a symlink
# Binaries
# --------
# Tests
# qbs builds
[submodule "qbs"]
path = src/shared/qbs
url = ../../qt-labs/qbs.git
ignore = dirty
See the file doc/api/coding-style.qdoc
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
TEMPLATE = subdirs
CONFIG += ordered
SUBDIRS += plugins/autotest shared
QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS = docs install_docs # dummy targets for consistency
TARGET = qtcreator.sh
PRE_TARGETDEPS = $$PWD/qtcreator.sh
QMAKE_LINK = cp $$PWD/qtcreator.sh $@ && : IGNORE REST OF LINE:
CONFIG -= qt separate_debug_info gdb_dwarf_index
QMAKE_CLEAN = qtcreator.sh
target.path = $$INSTALL_BIN_PATH
INSTALLS += target
DISTFILES = $$PWD/qtcreator.sh
#! /bin/sh
# Use this script if you add paths to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
# that contain libraries that conflict with the
# libraries that Qt Creator depends on.
makeAbsolute() {
case $1 in
# already absolute, return it
echo "$1"
# relative, prepend $2 made absolute
echo `makeAbsolute "$2" "$PWD"`/"$1" | sed 's,/\.$,,'
me=`which "$0"` # Search $PATH if necessary
if test -L "$me"; then
# Try GNU readlink(1)
nme=`readlink -nf "$me" 2>/dev/null`
if test -n "$nme"; then
# No GNU readlink(1), so let's try ls -l
base=`dirname "$me"`
me=`ls -l "$me" | sed 's/^.*-> //'`
me=`makeAbsolute "$me" "$base"`
bindir=`dirname "$me"`
libdir=`cd "$bindir/../lib" ; pwd`
# Add path to deployed Qt libraries in package
if test -d "$qtlibdir"; then
# Add Qt Creator library path
exec "$bindir/qtcreator" ${1+"$@"}
The QtCreator 1.1 release contains bug fixes and new features.
A more detailed list of changes follows below. If you want to know the exact
and complete list of changes, you can check out the QtCreator sources from the
public git repository and check the logs, e.g.
git clone git://labs.trolltech.com/qt-creator
git log --pretty=oneline v1.0.0..v1.1.0
This release introduces source and binary incompatible changes to the plugin
API, so if you created your own custom plugins these need to be adapted.
* Completely reworked editor split mechanism
* Added support for JavaScript
* Added syntax highlighting and code completion for qdoc and doxygen tags
* Improved function argument hint
* Added more checkpoints in editor history
* Added Ctrl-click for jumping to a symbol definition
* Improved open documents view (sorted, single-click, close buttons)
* Fixed copying text from the context help browser and output windows
* Improved FakeVim mode
* Improved C++ parsing and inline error indicators
Building and Running
* Added experimental support for generic Makefile based projects
* Improved .pro file parsing, handling scopes and $$system directive
* Added support for subdir.file in .pro files
* Added an option to start the application in an external terminal
* Improved CMake support
* Made it possible to attach debugger to core files
* Changed approach to dumper loading: Build once per used Qt version,
no dumper buildstep anymore
* Added a dumper for std::set and improved dumpers for QString, QVariant,
* Made strategy to load shared objects configurable (auto-solib-add)
* The number of shown stack frames is now increased on request instead of
loading them all
* Improved interaction in the Locals & Watchers view
* It is now possible to choose default file suffixes in the options dialog
* Fixed the code that was generated for handling a language change event
(added call to base class)
* Generated header guards now adapt to file extension
* Added signal/slot editor
* Fixed "Goto slot" (formatting/multiple inheritance)
* Context help for form editor widgets
Version control plugins
* Fixed handling of colored git output
* Added syntax highlighting to the git submit editor
* Made git submit editor remove comment lines
* Made Subversion 1.6 work
* Added configuration options for submit editors (user fields, word
Platform Specific
* The system's Hide action is no longer overridden
* Added option to set DYLD_IMAGE_SUFFIX=_debug when running applications
* Added Open in Finder action in project tree
* Fixed crash because of incompatible libQt3Support, by providing a wrapper
script and shipping libQt3Support.
(fixes crashes e.g. in file dialogs on openSUSE 11.1)
Additional credits go to:
* Martin Aumueller <aumuell@reserv.at> (FakeVim improvements)
* Kris Wong (various patches)
* Mathias Gumz (fixed permission checks on network NTFS drives)
The QtCreator 1.1.1 release is a pure bug fix release for the Windows platform.
Platform Specific
* Fixed performance problem on Windows machines that are part of a
windows domain
The QtCreator 1.2 release contains bug fixes and new features.
Below is a list of relevant changes. You can find a complete list of changes
within the logs of QtCreator's sources. Simply check it out from the public git
repository e.g.,
git clone git://gitorious.org/qt-creator/qt-creator.git
git log --pretty=oneline v1.1.0..v1.2.0
This release introduces source and binary incompatible changes to the plugin
API, so if you have created your own custom plugins, they will need to be
adapted accordingly.
* The Welcome Screen has been redesigned.
* There has been some speed improvements: large amounts of persistent data.
(e.g., Qt Locator's cache) is now stored in an SQLite database.
* The window title now displays the current file's name.
* Added an option for listing methods alphabetically in the combo box above
the editor.
* Added a block highlighting feature.
* Improved the code folding markers.
* FakeVim mode has received further improvements.
* It is now possible to disable Ctrl+Click navigation.
* Optional XCode-style tab indentation has been added.
* Ui changes now propagate immediately to the code model.
* Fixed possibly missing code completion with MinGW toolchain.
* Added an option for turning off antialiasing of text editor fonts.
* It is now possible to search within the text editor using regular
* Added an action to delete a line without copying it.
* Added actions to copy a line up/down (Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down).
Building and Running
* Added the option to auto-save before building.
* Made auto-build before run optional.
* Added the ability to set environment variables specific for running.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the use of Qt versions < 4.2.