Commit 91a1d8d1 authored by Volker Hilsheimer's avatar Volker Hilsheimer

Default settings can specify defaults for any parameter

Allows global default settings of e.g. #cpus or memory of machines.
Some are explicitly handled later.

Load order is a bit incorrect here: settings are merged first, then
applied to machines. Good enough.
parent de543895
......@@ -77,7 +77,17 @@ end
def load_boxes(yaml, user_yaml)
machines = yaml["machines"]
defaults = yaml["settings"]["defaults"]
unless defaults.nil?
defaults.each do |setting, value|
next if setting == "roles" || setting == "shared_folders"
machines.each do |machine|
machine[setting] = value if machine[setting].nil?
user_machines = user_yaml["machines"] unless user_yaml.nil?
user_machines = [] if user_machines.nil?
user_machines.each do |user_machine|
......@@ -144,10 +154,10 @@ def load_minicoin()
user_yaml = load_includes(user_yaml, $HOME)
local_yaml = load_includes(local_yaml, project_dir)
machines = load_boxes(yaml, user_yaml)
machines = load_boxes(yaml, local_yaml)
load_settings(yaml, user_yaml)
load_settings(yaml, local_yaml)
machines = load_boxes(yaml, user_yaml)
machines = load_boxes(yaml, local_yaml)
load_urls(yaml, user_yaml)
load_urls(yaml, local_yaml)
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