Commit a17fd9bf authored by Volker Hilsheimer's avatar Volker Hilsheimer

Add an example minicoin.yml file for per-user configuration

parent 539c9e32
# This is an example of a user-specific minicoin.yml configuration
# Drop the contents of this file into ~/minicoin/minicoin.yml
# defaults are applied to all machines
# all machines get the following roles
# upload your .gitconfig to all VMs
- role: upload
$HOME/.gitconfig: ~/.gitconfig
# sync your local ~/qt/dev folder with all VMs using mutagen
- role: mutagen
# adjust this path based on your local file system
- ~/qt/dev
# you can add more entries here, e.g
# - ~/qt/6.0
# all machines are created with four virtual CPUs
cpus: 4
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