Commit ae67df41 authored by Volker Hilsheimer's avatar Volker Hilsheimer

Install qdoc dependencies in regular linux-builder

For now just on debian-based systems.

That way, the doc-server role becomes purely an nginx installation role,
which is "nice to have" for building the documentation.
parent 80e2328a
......@@ -90,9 +90,10 @@ machines:
- role: linux-desktop
desktop: lxde
- role: android-builder
- name: doc-server
box: generic/ubuntu1804
- builder
- linux-builder
- doc-server
memory: 2048
- name: Machine for building and serving documentation
- name: Machine for serving documentation
hosts: all
gather_facts: False
- base
- build
- doc-server
- name: Install dependencies for qdoc
name: ['clang-10', 'libclang-10-dev', 'llvm-10']
state: present
......@@ -36,9 +36,11 @@ case $distro in
"hunspell libhunspell-dev"
# install dependencies for running tests
# install dependencies for running tests
# qdoc
"clang-10" "libclang-10-dev" "llvm-10"
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