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    Added Release Workflow and Fixed some build script issues (#1013) · 9f1294fe
    Jefferson González authored
    * ci linux: make builds properly static
    * test workflow_dispatch
    * install wayland-protocols
    * append missing portable
    * make debug builds by default
    * auto enable some video subsystems for proper wayland support
    * added release workflow
    * make line shorter in innosetup bash script
    * disable some video subsystems on darwin and windows
    * fix default build dir on msys
    * print output of ntldd
    * properly set msys arch
    * disable opengl on windows
    * copy mingw dependencies on package
    * innosetup script copy from generated package dir
    * changed license to reflect team work
    * adjusted the ci windows install name
    * add all language plugins to addons
    * disabled generation of source tarballs
    * removed language_cpp from plugins repo
    * enabled lua utf8 patch for windows build
    * added open_ext to addons
    * moved away from deprecated virtual environments
    * make minimal build and with addons
    * simplified CI build.yml
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