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    QmlJS: Speed up ValueOwner construction. · 097850c8
    Christian Kamm authored
    * Don't build all default values (including the global object)
      separately for each ValueOwner instance.
    * Instead, keep all global, immutable values in a single, shared
    While refactoring, some cases where we *modified* the global object had
    to be removed:
    * C++ context properties no longer get injected into the global object,
      instead they now have their own scope just above the global one.
    * The Qt object's prototype no longer gets modified in Link. Instead,
      it's now a reference to the "Qt" object provided in a qmltypes file.
    * The whole concept of a function 'Activation' that could potentially
      affect the global object was removed.
    Change-Id: Id382faf965efa747fcc7a9b0bc2c90429d84d61b
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