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    QmlDebug: Rename library and (most) classes · 4d3395b9
    Kai Koehne authored
    Rename the QmlJSDebugClient lib to QmlDebug (shorter names, easier differentiation with the shared/qmljsdebug lib).
    Also rename
     - QDeclarativeDebug* classes to QmlDebug*
     - QDeclarativeOutputParser class to QmlOutputParser
    To clarify the features,
     - Debugger::QmlDebuggerClient is now Debugger::BaseQmlDebuggerClient
     - QmlEngineDebugClient is now BaseEngineDebugClient
     - QmlDebuggerClient is now QmlEngineDebugClient
     - QDeclarativeEngineDebugClient is now DeclarativeEngineDebugClient
    Change-Id: Ie15713730a614c8ab4b637fad0924f95b54e633f
    Reviewed-by: default avatarAurindam Jana <aurindam.jana@nokia.com>
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