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    C++: Parse emit/Q_EMIT properly · 621e5c3d
    Leandro Melo authored
    The parser now understands emit/Q_EMIT as an expression statement.
    Also, the recent fixes in the preprocessor introduced a side-effect
    in the hanlding of code such as: emit signal(); Member signal started
    being treated as a local use (parsed as a declaration) and possibily
    being highlighted as unused variable.
    Previously that worked by accident since there was an inconsistency
    in the preprocessor on which only object-like macros were being
    expanded even when the "no expand" flag was set. Then, the code
    mentioned above was being parsed as an expression, what kind of worked.
    Change-Id: I47a68ed4c1c1702872620b8ed7c7264fb0997034
    Reviewed-by: default avatarRoberto Raggi <roberto.raggi@nokia.com>
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