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    CppTools: Adapt C++ locator names to reality · 872bfb70
    Nikolai Kosjar authored
    The new names are:
    * C++ Methods in Current Document -> C++ Symbols in Current Document
    * C++ Classes and Methods -> C++ Classes, Enums and Functions
    * C++ Methods and Functions -> C++ Functions
    Further notes:
    * "C++ Classes" stays the same.
    * The term "Methods" was removed since "Functions" says it all (member
      functions, non-member functions). Because of this, the "m" shortcut
      for this filter does not fit so well to the name anymore.
    * "C++ Symbols in..." - "Symbols" means the same as in the C++ Search
      dialog: classes, enums, functions and declarations
    Change-Id: I8e5f410f2dcb1fafe83d0a1c8607f4c17eabbb8c
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