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    Debugger: Make tooltips use standard text editor tooltips. · cbafc50a
    Friedemann Kleint authored
    Extend text editor tooltips by a 'widget content', making
    it possible to show any widget utilizing the fact that the
    QTipLabel actually is a frame (and thus a container).
    Introduce concept of 'interactive' tooltips and modify
    the tooltip-closing mechanism such that simple interaction
    is possible. Emit the base text editor's tooltip signals
    with the correct position and add API to calculate the tooltip
    position from the cursor position.
    Add API for pinning tooltips to the text editor (by removing
    them from the QTipLabel layout).
    Modify the Debugger's tooltipmanager not to manage tooltips
    under TextEditor control and to take over control only once
    tooltips are pinned.
    Rubber-stamped-by: default avatarLeandro T. C. Melo <leandro.melo@nokia.com>