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    Do not clean whitespaces/ensure final line in autosave · e3f5597b
    Thomas Hartmann authored
    Calling beginEditBlock() triggers a textChanged() signal and
    did "confuse" Qt Quick Designer.
    We could just suppress the signal to work around the issue, but I think
    it is cleaner to not alter the text document in autosave at all.
    Changing the current text document in autosave might have other
    unforeseeable implications.
    What happened in the Qt Quick Designer was that textChanged() triggered
    a reload of the document.
    While the reload of the document usually just triggered a
    short/unnoticed dealay, it can also trigger a message box with warnings.
    Since we (correctly) assume the .QML file was altered outside
    of Qt Quick Designer we do sanity checks and warn about code that
    might not be supported.
    Having those warnings whenever a file is autosaved is annoying.
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