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Doc: todo entries output pane

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\o \gui{Compile Output}
\o \gui{General Messages}
\o \gui {To-Do Entries}
\o \gui{Version Control}
\o \gui{General Messages}
Output panes are available in all \l{Modes}{modes}. Click the name of an
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To open the \gui{General Messages} and \l{Using Version Control Systems}
{Version Control} panes, select
\gui {Window > Output Panes}.
\gui {Window > Output Panes}. To display the \gui {To-Do Entries} pane,
enable the Todo plugin.
\section2 Issues
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\image qtcreator-compile-pane.png
\section2 To-Do List
The \gui {To-Do List Entries} pane lists the BUG, FIXME, NOTE, TODO, and
WARNING keywords from the current file or from all project files. The
keywords are organized into information, warning, and error categories.
\image qtcreator-todo-pane.png
To add keywords, select \gui Tools > \gui Options > \gui {To-Do} > \gui Add.
Set an icon and a line background color for the keyword. To change the icons
and colors set for an existing keyword, select \gui Edit.
To determine whether the keywords in the whole project or in the current
file are displayed by default, select \gui {Scanning scope}.
The Todo plugin is disabled by default. To enable the plugin, select
\gui Help > \gui {About Plugins} > \gui Utilities > \gui Todo and restart
In addition, you can open task list files generated by code scanning and
analysis tools in the \gui Issues pane. For more information, see
\l{Showing Task List Files in Issues Pane}.
\section1 Changing Languages
\QC has been localized into several languages. If the system language is one
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