Commit 0680bd9b authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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classview: add a member initialization

parent b9fb6f4b
......@@ -60,12 +60,13 @@ namespace Internal {
\struct ManagerPrivate
\brief Private class data for \a Manager
\sa Manager
struct ManagerPrivate
ManagerPrivate() : state(false) {}
ManagerPrivate() : state(false), disableCodeParser(false) {}
//! instance
static Manager *instance;
......@@ -76,15 +77,15 @@ struct ManagerPrivate
//! State mutex
QMutex mutexState;
//! Internal manager state. \sa Manager::state
bool state;
//! code state/changes parser
Parser parser;
//! separate thread for the parser
QThread parserThread;
//! Internal manager state. \sa Manager::state
bool state;
//! there is some massive operation ongoing so temporary we should wait
bool disableCodeParser;
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