Commit 085f6b2c authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: add autotest for QList<int *> dumper

parent 66a35306
......@@ -145,6 +145,7 @@ private slots:
void dumpQImageData();
void dumpQLinkedList();
void dumpQList_int();
void dumpQList_int_star();
void dumpQList_char();
void dumpQList_QString();
void dumpQList_QString3();
......@@ -1392,6 +1393,22 @@ void tst_Debugger::dumpQList_int()
&ilist, NS"QList", true, "int");
void tst_Debugger::dumpQList_int_star()
QList<int *> ilist;
testDumper("value='<0 items>',valueeditable='false',numchild='0',"
&ilist, NS"QList", true, "int*");
ilist.append(new int(1));
testDumper("value='<2 items>',valueeditable='false',numchild='2',"
"{saddr='" + str(& + "',addr='" + str(deref(& +
"{saddr='" + str(& + "',value='<null>',numchild='0'}]",
&ilist, NS"QList", true, "int*");
void tst_Debugger::dumpQList_char()
QList<char> clist;
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