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Doc: add troubleshooting information to tutorial

Add links to information about adding Qt versions and
compilers and configuring kits to the "Building and
Running an Example" tutorial.

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......@@ -48,11 +48,16 @@
press \key {Alt+Left}.
\li To check that the application code can be compiled and linked for a
device, click the \gui {Kit Selector} and select a kit for the
device, click the \gui {Kit Selector} and select a
\l{glossary-buildandrun-kit}{kit} for the
\image qtcreator-gs-build-example-kit-selector.png "Selecting a kit to build with"
If you installed \QC as part of a Qt installation, it should have
automatically detected the installed kit. If no kits are available,
see \l{Adding Kits}.
\li Click
\inlineimage qtcreator-run.png
(\gui Run) to build and run the application.
......@@ -60,6 +65,10 @@
\li To see the compilation progress, press \key{Alt+4} to open the
\gui {Compile Output} pane.
If build errors occur, check that a \l{Adding Qt Versions}
{Qt version} and \l{Adding Compilers}{compiler} are installed and
configured and that the necessary kits are configured.
The \gui Build progress bar on the toolbar turns green when the
project is successfully built. The application opens on the device.
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