Commit 0fbcfacc authored by Christiaan Janssen's avatar Christiaan Janssen
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Update changelog for 2.2

Reviewed-by: Daniel Molkentin
parent 39268521
......@@ -104,6 +104,9 @@ QML/JS Support
* Fix quote autoinsertion in string literals, QTCREATORBUG-2155, QTCREATORBUG-3244
* Fix '{' not being an electric character, QTCREATORBUG-3405
* Fix indentation of 'foo: Namesp.Type {', QTCREATORBUG-3371
* Added qml tooltips for property inspection at debug time
* Extended QML Observer for inspection and tweaking of item's properties
* Added navigation of the object tree in the QML Observer through a crumble path
* Implement Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P
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