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Change log

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Qt Creator version 3.5.1 contains bug fixes.
The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete
list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that
you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline v3.5.0..v3.5.1
* Fixed dark theme for wizards (QTCREATORBUG-13395)
* Fixed that cancel button was ignored when wizards ask about overwriting files
* Fixed crashes with code completion (QTCREATORBUG-14991, QTCREATORBUG-15020)
Project Management
* Fixed that some context actions were wrongly enabled
C++ Support
* Improved performance for Boost (QTCREATORBUG-14889, QTCREATORBUG-14741)
* Fixed that adding defines with compiler flag did not work with space after `-D`
QML Support
* Fixed that `.ui.qml` warnings accumulated when splitting (QTCREATORBUG-14923)
QML Profier
* Fixed that notes were saved but not loaded (QTCREATORBUG-15077)
Version Control Systems
* Mercurial
* Fixed crash when annotating (QTCREATORBUG-14975)
Diff Editor
* Fixed handling of mode changes (QTCREATORBUG-14963)
Platform Specific
Remote Linux
* Fixed wrong SSH key compatibility check
* Fixed that GDB server provider list did not update on host change
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