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Updated documentation for 1.2

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\o Debugger Engine
\o Notes
\o Gdb
\o Requires gdb version 6.8.
\o Debugging Tools for Windows
\o Using this engine requires you to install the
\e{Debugging Tools for Windows} 32-bit package (Version 6.10),
\e{Debugging Tools for Windows}
package (Version 6.10 for the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of Qt Creator, respectively),
which is freely available for download from the
{Microsoft Developer Network} or directly from
{Microsoft}. The pre-built \e{Qt SDK for Windows} will make use
{Microsoft Developer Network}.
The pre-built \e{Qt SDK for Windows} will make use
of the library if it is present on the system. When building Qt
Creator using the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler, the
\c{"%ProgramFiles%\Debugging Tools for Windows"} path will be
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\page creator-known-issues.html
\nextpage creator-acknowledgements.html
\title Known Issues of Version 1.2.0
\o Gdb on Windows may not work if the 'Embassy Security Center' software
by 'Wave Systems' is installed and active (causing crashes in \c{vxvault.dll)}).
\o Only simple data types (POD) work in the Watch Window of CDB
\title Known Issues of Version 1.1.80
There are some known issues with Qt Creator 1.1.80.
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