Commit 17a06721 authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler Committed by Joerg Bornemann
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Update qbs submodule.

Change-Id: Ic771d9c0c912449554e557bb8cff9f05aa7ba88b
Reviewed-by: default avatarJake Petroules <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJoerg Bornemann <>
parent 01ebbe19
......@@ -214,8 +214,13 @@ bool QbsRunConfiguration::forcedGuiMode() const
QbsProject *pro = static_cast<QbsProject *>(target()->project());
const qbs::ProductData product = findProduct(pro->qbsProjectData(), m_qbsProduct);
foreach (const qbs::TargetArtifact &ta, product.targetArtifacts()) {
if (ta.isExecutable())
return !"consoleApplication")).toBool();
return !"consoleApplication")).toBool();
QTC_ASSERT(false, qDebug("No executable target in product '%s'", qPrintable(;
return false;
QString QbsRunConfiguration::workingDirectory() const
Subproject commit b196bb68f7ac03b3bf9fcbcb4af3ae81e0ca0d7e
Subproject commit 0276bf6fb488a00fdcd5c0ebcbdb9ee6c5e37327
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