Commit 1c04cce4 authored by Jake Petroules's avatar Jake Petroules

Remove unnecessary /FS flag in qbs property provider.

The current version of qbs handles this automatically.

Change-Id: I81905335fd3366198164436e7125944ad8a3d304
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Kandeler <>
parent a592f9b3
......@@ -261,13 +261,6 @@ QVariantMap DefaultPropertyProvider::autoGeneratedProperties(const ProjectExplor
data.insert(QLatin1String(CPP_PLATFORMLINKERFLAGS), gcc->platformLinkerFlags());
// TODO: Remove this once compiler version properties are set for MSVC
if (targetAbi.osFlavor() == ProjectExplorer::Abi::WindowsMsvc2013Flavor
|| targetAbi.osFlavor() == ProjectExplorer::Abi::WindowsMsvc2015Flavor) {
const QLatin1String flags("/FS");
data.insert(QLatin1String(CPP_PLATFORMCFLAGS), flags);
data.insert(QLatin1String(CPP_PLATFORMCXXFLAGS), flags);
return data;
......@@ -42,8 +42,6 @@ const char CPP_COMPILERVERSIONMAJOR[] = "cpp.compilerVersionMajor";
const char CPP_COMPILERVERSIONMINOR[] = "cpp.compilerVersionMinor";
const char CPP_COMPILERVERSIONPATCH[] = "cpp.compilerVersionPatch";
const char CPP_LINKERNAME[] = "cpp.linkerName";
const char CPP_PLATFORMCFLAGS[] = "cpp.platformCFlags";
const char CPP_PLATFORMCXXFLAGS[] = "cpp.platformCxxFlags";
const char CPP_PLATFORMCOMMONCOMPILERFLAGS[] = "cpp.platformCommonCompilerFlags";
const char CPP_PLATFORMLINKERFLAGS[] = "cpp.platformLinkerFlags";
const char CPP_PLATFORMPATH[] = "cpp.platformPath";
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