Commit 2029199f authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller Committed by hjk

Fix action ids of analyzer tools.

Change-Id: I7ea034b39e3b44eb58564a835034c17f9cfe61c1
Reviewed-on: default avatarQt Sanity Bot <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 102860f2
......@@ -51,9 +51,15 @@ QByteArray IAnalyzerTool::defaultMenuGroup(StartMode mode)
QByteArray IAnalyzerTool::defaultActionId(const IAnalyzerTool *tool, StartMode mode)
QByteArray id = tool->id();
if (mode == StartRemote)
return "Action." + id + ".RemoteStart." + QByteArray::number(mode);
return "Action." + id + ".LocalStart." + QByteArray::number(mode);
switch (mode) {
case Analyzer::StartLocal:
return "Analyzer." + id + ".Local";
case Analyzer::StartRemote:
return "Analyzer." + id + ".Remote";
case Analyzer::StartQml:
return "Analyzer." + id + ".Qml";
return QByteArray();
QString IAnalyzerTool::defaultActionName(const IAnalyzerTool *tool, StartMode mode)
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