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Debugger: Document the possibility to change complete strings and vectors

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......@@ -676,10 +676,15 @@
values of QMap, select \gui {Change Local Display Format} > \gui Compact.
You can use the \gui{Locals and Expressions} view to change the contents of
variables of simple data types, for example, \c int or \c float when the
variables of simple data types, for example, \c int, \c float, QString
and \c std::string when the
program is interrupted. To do so, click the \gui Value column, modify
the value with the inplace editor, and press \key Enter (or \key Return).
To change the complete contents of QVector or \c std::vector values,
type all values separated by commas into the \gui Value column of
the main entry.
You can enable tooltips in the main editor displaying this information.
For more information, see \l{Showing Tooltips in Debug Mode}.
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