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Doc - Add information about testing with user data on the Nokia N900.

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necessary software is installed and configured automatically and you
only need to configure a connection to the device.
By default, you create the connection as the \e developer user. This
protects real user data on the device from getting corrupted during
testing. If you write applications that use Mobility APIs, you might want
to test them with real user data. To create a connection as a user, specify
the \gui Username and \gui Password in Qt Creator. For more information, see
\l{Testing with User Data}.
You can protect the connections between Qt Creator and the Maemo emulator
or a device by using either a password or an SSH key. You must always
use a password for the initial connection, but can then deploy an SSH
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\section2 Testing with User Data
To run your application as the default user, you must first assign a password
for the user account and then create the connection to the device as the
\list 1
\o On the device, in \gui Programs, select \c {X Terminal} to open a
terminal window.
\o To switch to the root user, enter the following command:
\c{sudo gainroot}
\o To specify the password, enter the following command:
\c {passwd user}
\o In Qt Creator, Select \gui Tools > \gui Options... > \gui Projects >
\gui{Maemo Device Configurations}.
\o Specify the username \c user and the password in the device configuration.
\section2 Generating SSH Keys
If you do not have an SSH public and private key pair, you can generate it
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