Commit 26befce2 authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Fixes: C++ Parser configuration for Qt/SDK

Done by ossi
parent 35d31ade
......@@ -691,9 +691,17 @@ void Qt4ProFileNode::update()
Qt4PriFileNode::update(fileForCurrentProject, reader);
QString qmakeCxx = reader->value(QLatin1String("QMAKE_CXX"));
if (qmakeCxx.isEmpty()) {
// macx-xcode mkspec resets the value of QMAKE_CXX.
// Unfortunately, we need a valid QMAKE_CXX to configure the parser.
qmakeCxx = QLatin1String("c++");
// update other variables
QHash<Qt4Variable, QStringList> newVarValues;
newVarValues[CxxCompilerVar] << reader->value(QLatin1String("QMAKE_CXX"));
newVarValues[CxxCompilerVar] << qmakeCxx;
newVarValues[DefinesVar] = reader->values(QLatin1String("DEFINES"));
newVarValues[IncludePathVar] = includePaths(reader);
newVarValues[UiDirVar] = uiDirPaths(reader);
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