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Documentation: Snippets support

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\contentspage{index.html}{Qt Creator}
\previouspage qtcreator-code-snippet-config.html
\page external-tool-spec.html
\nextpage coding-style.html
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\o \l{TextEditor}
\o This is where everything starts if you want to create a text editor. Besides
the base editor itself, this plugin contains APIs for supporting functionality
like snippets, highlighting, \l{CodeAssist}{code assist}, indentation and style,
and others.
like \l{Snippets}{snippets}, highlighting, \l{CodeAssist}{code assist}, indentation
and style, and others.
** This file is part of Qt Creator
** Copyright (c) 2011 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
** Contact: Nokia Corporation (
** GNU Free Documentation License
** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of this
** file.
** If you have questions regarding the use of this file, please contact
** Nokia at
\page qtcreator-code-snippet-config.html
\title Code Snippet Configuration Files
You can use code snippet configuration files to <add the purpose of the
Name the configuration files as follows:
Copy the configuration files to the following directory:
\section1 File Syntax
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whole files or classes spread over multiple files, or complete projects,
you can create code snippets, templates, and wizards for that purpose.
\section2 Code Snippets
\section2 Snippets
Typically, code snippets consist of a few lines of code that you regularly
Typically, snippets consist of a few lines of code (although they
can also be plain text) that you regularly
want to insert into a bigger body of code, but do not want to type each
time. For example, \c while and \c for loops, \c if-else and \c try-catch
constructs, and class skeletons. Snippets are triggered in the same way as
normal code completion. Qt Creator contains a set of preconfigured snippets
normal code completion (see \l{Code Assist}{Providing Code Assist}).
Qt Creator contains a set of preconfigured snippets groups
to which you can add your own snippets.
\o \l{}
{Adding Code Snippets in Qt Creator}
\o \l{Code Snippet Configuration Files}
{Snippets User Interface}
\o \l{Snippets} {Adding Snippets Groups}
\section2 File, Class and Project Templates
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\o Reference
\o \l{Code Snippet Configuration Files}
\o \l{}
{MIME Type Specification Files}
\o \l{External Tool Specification Files}
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using namespace TextEditor;
\group Snippets
\title Snippets for Editors
Snippets typically consist of chunks of code in a programming language (although they
can also be plain text) which you would like to avoid re-typing every time. They
are triggered in the same way as the completions (see \l{CodeAssist}{Providing
Code Assist}).
In order to create a new group of snippets two steps are necessary:
\o Implement the TextEditor::ISnippetProvider interface and register it in
the extension system.
\o Create an XML configuration file and place it in the
/share/qtcreator/snippets directory. As an example of the file format
please take a look at the already available ones. The meaning and consistency rules
of the fields are described below:
\o group - This is the group in which the snippet belongs in the user interface.
It must match TextEditor::ISnippetProvider::groupId().
\o id - A unique string that identifies this snippet among all others available.
The recommended practice is to prefix it with the group so it is easier to have
such control on a file level.
\o trigger - The sequence of characters to be compared by the completion engine
in order to display this snippet as a code assist proposal.
\o complement - Additional information that is displayed in the code assist
proposal so it is possible to disambiguate similar snippets that have the
same trigger.
All XML configuration files found in the directory mentioned above are parsed by
Qt Creator. However, only the ones which are associated with known groups (specified
by a provider) are taken into consideration.
\class TextEditor::ISnippetProvider
\brief The ISnippetProvider class acts as an interface for providing groups of snippets.
\ingroup Snippets
Known implementors of this interface are the CppSnippetProvider, the QmlJSSnippetProvider,
and the PlainTextSnippetProvider.
ISnippetProvider::ISnippetProvider() : QObject()
\fn QString TextEditor::ISnippetProvider::groupId() const
Returns the unique group id to which this provider is associated.
\fn QString TextEditor::ISnippetProvider::displayName() const
Returns the name to be displayed in the user interface for snippets that belong to the group
associated with this provider.
\fn void TextEditor::ISnippetProvider::decorateEditor(SnippetEditorWidget *editor) const
This is a hook which allows you to apply customizations such as highlighting or indentation
to the snippet editor.
......@@ -41,6 +41,13 @@
using namespace TextEditor;
\class TextEditor::SnippetEditorWidget
\brief The SnippetEditorWidget class is a lightweight editor for code snippets
with basic support for syntax highlighting, indentation, and others.
\ingroup Snippets
SnippetEditor::SnippetEditor(SnippetEditorWidget *editor)
: BaseTextEditor(editor)
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