Commit 336c161a authored by hjk's avatar hjk Committed by hjk
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debugger: cache getenv results

Change-Id: If848c342baddfa9cd0bf47c793222f3bd0ed86e0
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 60526393
......@@ -91,12 +91,13 @@ void GdbEngine::updateLocalsPython(const UpdateParameters &params)
watchers += it.key() + "#watch." + QByteArray::number(it.value());
const static bool alwaysVerbose = !qgetenv("QTC_DEBUGGER_PYTHON_VERBOSE").isEmpty();
QByteArray options;
if (debuggerCore()->boolSetting(UseDebuggingHelpers))
options += "fancy,";
if (debuggerCore()->boolSetting(AutoDerefPointers))
options += "autoderef,";
if (!qgetenv("QTC_DEBUGGER_PYTHON_VERBOSE").isEmpty())
if (alwaysVerbose)
options += "pe,";
if (options.isEmpty())
options += "defaults,";
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