Commit 3e82dcad authored by David Schulz's avatar David Schulz

Cdbext: Dump "(null)" for an uninitialized QTimeZone.

Change-Id: I13c0541bad047aa872bdb04f50e6cd0557a40f1a
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent e152e06f
......@@ -2212,7 +2212,9 @@ static bool dumpQTime(const SymbolGroupValue &v, std::wostream &str, int *encodi
static bool dumpQTimeZone(const SymbolGroupValue &v, std::wostream &str, int *encoding)
return dumpQByteArrayFromQPrivateClass(v, QPDM_qSharedDataPadded, SymbolGroupValue::pointerSize(), str, encoding);
if (!dumpQByteArrayFromQPrivateClass(v, QPDM_qSharedDataPadded, SymbolGroupValue::pointerSize(), str, encoding))
str << L"(null)";
return true;
// Convenience to dump a QTimeZone from the unexported private class of a Qt class.
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