Commit 4db2f998 authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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Fixes: Add ensureStashed() method asking user to stash before a change such as pull

parent d6fbb1b5
......@@ -379,6 +379,23 @@ bool GitClient::synchronousCheckout(const QString &workingDirectory,
return true;
bool GitClient::synchronousStash(const QString &workingDirectory, QString *errorMessage)
if (Git::Constants::debug)
qDebug() << Q_FUNC_INFO << workingDirectory;
QByteArray outputText;
QByteArray errorText;
QStringList arguments;
arguments << QLatin1String("stash");
const bool rc = synchronousGit(workingDirectory, arguments, &outputText, &errorText);
if (!rc) {
*errorMessage = tr("Unable stash in %1: %2").arg(workingDirectory, QString::fromLocal8Bit(errorText));
return false;
return true;
void GitClient::executeGit(const QString &workingDirectory, const QStringList &arguments,
VCSBase::VCSBaseEditor* editor,
bool outputToWindow)
......@@ -467,6 +484,60 @@ bool GitClient::synchronousGit(const QString &workingDirectory,
return process.exitCode() == 0;
static inline int
askWithDetailedText(QWidget *parent,
const QString &title, const QString &msg,
const QString &inf,
QMessageBox::StandardButton defaultButton,
QMessageBox::StandardButtons buttons = QMessageBox::Yes|QMessageBox::No)
QMessageBox msgBox(QMessageBox::Question, title, msg, buttons, parent);
return msgBox.exec();
// Convenience that pops up an msg box.
GitClient::StashResult GitClient::ensureStash(const QString &workingDirectory)
QString errorMessage;
const StashResult sr = ensureStash(workingDirectory, &errorMessage);
if (sr == StashFailed) {
return sr;
// Ensure that changed files are stashed before a pull or similar
GitClient::StashResult GitClient::ensureStash(const QString &workingDirectory, QString *errorMessage)
QString statusOutput;
switch (gitStatus(workingDirectory, false, &statusOutput, errorMessage)) {
case StatusChanged:
case StatusUnchanged:
return StashUnchanged;
case StatusFailed:
return StashFailed;
const int answer = askWithDetailedText(m_core->mainWindow(), tr("Changes"),
tr("You have modified files. Would you like to stash your changes?"),
statusOutput, QMessageBox::Yes, QMessageBox::Yes|QMessageBox::No|QMessageBox::Cancel);
switch (answer) {
case QMessageBox::Cancel:
return StashCanceled;
case QMessageBox::Yes:
if (!synchronousStash(workingDirectory, errorMessage))
return StashFailed;
case QMessageBox::No: // At your own risk, so.
return NotStashed;
return Stashed;
// Trim a git status file spec: "modified: foo .cpp" -> "modified: foo .cpp"
static inline QString trimFileSpecification(QString fileSpec)
......@@ -703,18 +774,6 @@ bool GitClient::addAndCommit(const QString &repositoryDirectory,
return rc;
static inline bool askWithInformativeText(QWidget *parent,
const QString &title,
const QString &msg,
const QString &inf,
bool defaultValue)
QMessageBox msgBox(QMessageBox::Question, title, msg, QMessageBox::Yes|QMessageBox::No, parent);
msgBox.setDefaultButton(defaultValue ? QMessageBox::Yes : QMessageBox::No);
return msgBox.exec() == QMessageBox::Yes;
/* Revert: This function can be called with a file list (to revert single
* files) or a single directory (revert all). Qt Creator currently has only
* 'revert single' in its VCS menus, but the code is prepared to deal with
......@@ -92,6 +92,7 @@ public:
bool synchronousReset(const QString &workingDirectory, const QStringList &files);
bool synchronousReset(const QString &workingDirectory, const QStringList &files, QString *errorMessage);
bool synchronousCheckout(const QString &workingDirectory, const QStringList &files, QString *errorMessage);
bool synchronousStash(const QString &workingDirectory, QString *errorMessage);
void pull(const QString &workingDirectory);
void push(const QString &workingDirectory);
......@@ -105,6 +106,11 @@ public:
QString readConfigValue(const QString &workingDirectory, const QString &configVar);
enum StashResult { StashUnchanged, StashCanceled, StashFailed,
Stashed, NotStashed /* User did not want it */ };
StashResult ensureStash(const QString &workingDirectory, QString *errorMessage);
StashResult ensureStash(const QString &workingDirectory);
bool getCommitData(const QString &workingDirectory,
QString *commitTemplate,
CommitData *d,
......@@ -118,7 +124,7 @@ public:
enum StatusResult { StatusChanged, StatusUnchanged, StatusFailed };
StatusResult gitStatus(const QString &workingDirectory,
bool untracked,
bool untracked = false,
QString *output = 0,
QString *errorMessage = 0);
......@@ -703,8 +703,17 @@ bool GitPlugin::editorAboutToClose(Core::IEditor *iEditor)
void GitPlugin::pull()
const QString workingDirectory = getWorkingDirectory();
if (!workingDirectory.isEmpty())
if (workingDirectory.isEmpty())
switch (m_gitClient->ensureStash(workingDirectory)) {
case GitClient::StashUnchanged:
case GitClient::Stashed:
case GitClient::NotStashed:
void GitPlugin::push()
......@@ -97,6 +97,7 @@ public:
GitOutputWindow *outputWindow() const;
GitSettings settings() const;
void setSettings(const GitSettings &s);
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