Commit 595f4ce2 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Squish: Don't use expected paths if non-existent

Change-Id: I8685a91f2e821134347ab693d415a7c26cc6c8f6
Reviewed-by: default avatarBill King <>
parent 443e77a4
......@@ -298,6 +298,10 @@ def getSquishPath(mkspec, qmakev):
if testData.field(record, "qtversion") == qmakev and testData.field(record, "mkspec") == mkspec:
path = os.path.expanduser(testData.field(record, "path"))
if not os.path.exists(path):
test.warning("Path '%s' from fallback test data file does not exist!" % path,
"See the README file how to set up your environment.")
return None
return path
# function to add a program to allow communication through the win firewall
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