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......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@
\o \l{Creating Plugins}
\o \l{Menus and Menu Items}
\o \l{Wizards}
\o \l{Creating Wizards in Code}
\o \l{Editors}
\o \l{Text Editors}
\o \l{Options Pages}
......@@ -239,10 +239,11 @@
\o Reference
\o \l{Code Snippet Configuration Files}
\o \l{}{MIME Type Specification Files}
\o \l{}
{MIME Type Specification Files}
\o \l{External Tool Specification Files}
\o \l{Custom Wizard Specification Files}
\o \l{}{Highlight Definition Files}
\o \l{}
{Highlight Definition Files}
\o \l{Qt Creator Variables}
\o \l{User Interface Text Guidelines}
\o \l{Qt Creator Coding Rules}
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