Commit 5c67e102 authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne
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QmlObserver: Apply changes to file also if not in Debug mode

Also apply changes to the .qml file in e.g. the Design mode to
the running application.
parent 03355c49
......@@ -517,12 +517,6 @@ void QmlJSLiveTextPreview::documentChanged(QmlJS::Document::Ptr doc)
if (doc->fileName() != m_previousDoc->fileName() || m_clientProxy.isNull())
Core::ICore *core = Core::ICore::instance();
const int dbgcontext = core->uniqueIDManager()->uniqueIdentifier(Debugger::Constants::C_DEBUGMODE);
if (!core->hasContext(dbgcontext))
bool experimentalWarningShown = false;
if (m_applyChangesToQmlObserver) {
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