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fakevim: document the 'RangeMode' enum

parent 73e9f14a
......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@
// m_tc.position() (== position()). The character below position() is not included
// if the last movement command was exclusive (MoveExclusive).
// The value of m_tc.anchor() is not used.
#include "fakevimhandler.h"
#include "fakevimsyntax.h"
......@@ -129,6 +130,8 @@ const int ParagraphSeparator = 0x00002029;
using namespace Qt;
/*! A \e Mode represents one of the basic modes of operation of FakeVim.
enum Mode
......@@ -138,37 +141,41 @@ enum Mode
/*! A \e SubMode is used for things that require one more data item
and are 'nested' behind a \l Mode.
enum SubMode
ChangeSubMode, // used for c
DeleteSubMode, // used for d
FilterSubMode, // used for !
IndentSubMode, // used for =
RegisterSubMode, // used for "
ShiftLeftSubMode, // used for <
ShiftRightSubMode, // used for >
TransformSubMode, // used for ~/gu/gU
WindowSubMode, // used for Ctrl-w
YankSubMode, // used for y
ZSubMode, // used for z
CapitalZSubMode // used for Z
ChangeSubMode, // Used for c
DeleteSubMode, // Used for d
FilterSubMode, // Used for !
IndentSubMode, // Used for =
RegisterSubMode, // Used for "
ShiftLeftSubMode, // Used for <
ShiftRightSubMode, // Used for >
TransformSubMode, // Used for ~/gu/gU
WindowSubMode, // Used for Ctrl-w
YankSubMode, // Used for y
ZSubMode, // Used for z
CapitalZSubMode // Used for Z
/*! A \e SubSubMode is used for things that require one more data item
and are 'nested' behind a \l SubMode.
enum SubSubMode
// typically used for things that require one more data item
// and are 'nested' behind a mode
FtSubSubMode, // used for f, F, t, T
MarkSubSubMode, // used for m
BackTickSubSubMode, // used for `
TickSubSubMode, // used for '
InvertCaseSubSubMode, // used for ~
DownCaseSubSubMode, // used for gu
UpCaseSubSubMode, // used for gU
ReplaceSubSubMode, // used for r after visual mode
TextObjectSubSubMode, // used for thing like iw, aW, as etc.
FtSubSubMode, // Used for f, F, t, T.
MarkSubSubMode, // Used for m.
BackTickSubSubMode, // Used for `.
TickSubSubMode, // Used for '.
InvertCaseSubSubMode, // Used for ~.
DownCaseSubSubMode, // Used for gu.
UpCaseSubSubMode, // Used for gU.
ReplaceSubSubMode, // Used for r after visual mode.
TextObjectSubSubMode, // Used for thing like iw, aW, as etc.
......@@ -187,12 +194,33 @@ enum MoveType
\enum RangeMode
The \e RangeMode serves as a means to define how the "Range" between
the \l cursor and the \l anchor position is to be interpreted.
\value RangeCharMode Entered by pressing \key v. The range includes
all characters between cursor and anchor.
\value RangeLineMode Entered by pressing \key V. The range includes
all lines between the line of the cursor and
the line of the anchor.
\value RangeLineModeExclusice Like \l RangeLineMode, but keeps one
newline when deleting.
\value RangeBlockMode Entered by pressing \key Ctrl-v. The range includes
all characters with line and column coordinates
between line and columns coordinates of cursor and
\value RangeBlockAndTailMode Like \l RangeBlockMode, but also includes
all characters in the affected lines up to the end
of these lines.
enum RangeMode
RangeCharMode, // v
RangeLineMode, // V
RangeLineModeExclusive, // like above, but keep one newline when deleting
RangeBlockMode, // Ctrl-v
RangeCharMode, // v
RangeLineMode, // V
RangeBlockMode, // Ctrl-v
RangeBlockAndTailMode, // Ctrl-v for D and X
......@@ -206,8 +234,8 @@ enum EventResult
struct Column
Column(int p, int l) : physical(p), logical(l) {}
int physical; // number of characters in the data
int logical; // column on screen
int physical; // Number of characters in the data.
int logical; // Column on screen.
struct CursorPosition
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