Commit 5fb80401 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Squish: Stabilize placeCursorToLine() on Mac

Change-Id: I3a3292b8576fe36107335e07e9f125fbd1478b80
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent 32e486a9
......@@ -6,28 +6,36 @@ import re;
# line can be a regex - but if so, remember to set isRegex to True
# the function returns True if this went fine, False on error
def placeCursorToLine(editor, line, isRegex=False):
cursor = editor.textCursor()
def getEditor():
return waitForObject(editor)
isDarwin = platform.system() == 'Darwin'
if not isinstance(editor, (str, unicode)):
editor = objectMap.realName(editor)
oldPosition = 0
if isDarwin:
type(getEditor(), "<Home>")
type(getEditor(), "<Ctrl+Home>")
found = False
if isRegex:
regex = re.compile(line)
while not found:
currentLine = str(lineUnderCursor(editor)).strip()
currentLine = str(lineUnderCursor(getEditor())).strip()
found = isRegex and regex.match(currentLine) or not isRegex and currentLine == line
if not found:
type(editor, "<Down>")
newPosition = editor.textCursor().position()
type(getEditor(), "<Down>")
newPosition = getEditor().textCursor().position()
if oldPosition == newPosition:
oldPosition = newPosition
if not found:
test.fatal("Couldn't find line matching\n\n%s\n\nLeaving test..." % line)
return False
cursor = editor.textCursor()
cursor.movePosition(QTextCursor.EndOfLine, QTextCursor.MoveAnchor)
if isDarwin:
type(getEditor(), "<Ctrl+Right>")
type(getEditor(), "<End>")
return True
# this function returns True if a QMenu is
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