Commit 611be1ae authored by Lukas Holecek's avatar Lukas Holecek Committed by hjk
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fakevim: Command 's' has exclusive motion

Change-Id: I3d4642ebf69055722568cf0e59f5480ad5b2c418
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent e2370578
......@@ -811,6 +811,18 @@ void FakeVimPlugin::test_vim_change_replace()
data.setText(" abc" N " def" N " gh" X "i" N " jkl");
KEYS("ck123<ESC>", " abc" N " 12" X "3" N " jkl");
data.setText("abc" N X "def");
KEYS("sXYZ", "abc" N "XYZ" X "ef");
data.setText("abc" N X "def");
KEYS("2sXYZ<ESC>", "abc" N "XY" X "Zf");
data.setText("abc" N X "def");
KEYS("6sXYZ<ESC>", "abc" N "XY" X "Z");
void FakeVimPlugin::test_vim_block_selection()
......@@ -3534,6 +3534,7 @@ bool FakeVimHandler::Private::handleNoSubMode(const Input &input)
moveRight(qMin(count(), rightDist()));
setDotCommand("%1s", count());
m_submode = ChangeSubMode;
m_movetype = MoveExclusive;
} else if ('S')) {
m_movetype = MoveLineWise;
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