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Fixes: - Known Issues and version in footer

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......@@ -1195,10 +1195,18 @@
\o The file system sidebar does not update automatically. As a
workaround, switch to another directory and then back.
\o The resource system of the embedded version of Qt Designer does not
interact with the project manager.
\o Loading KDE4 designer plugins breaks the style, due to a bug in KDE.
\o Scopes in .pro files are ignored, and environment variables not expanded.
\o Code completion for generated UI header files is not updated properly
after the first time.
\o Code completion does not support typedefs (e.g. std::string) and
private classes (e.g. class MyClass::Data {};).
\o On Gnome, after minimizing Qt Creator and restoring again, the
application window does not repaint properly until resized.
......@@ -17,15 +17,15 @@ sources.fileextensions = "qtcreator.qdoc"
qhp.projects = QtCreator
qhp.QtCreator.file = qtcreator.qhp
qhp.QtCreator.namespace =
qhp.QtCreator.namespace =
qhp.QtCreator.virtualFolder = doc
qhp.QtCreator.indexTitle = Qt Creator
qhp.QtCreator.indexRoot =
qhp.QtCreator.extraFiles = classic.css \
qhp.QtCreator.filterAttributes = qtcreator 0.9 = Qt Creator 0.9
qhp.QtCreator.customFilters.QtCreator.filterAttributes = qtcreator 0.9
qhp.QtCreator.filterAttributes = qtcreator 0.9.1 = Qt Creator 0.9.1
qhp.QtCreator.customFilters.QtCreator.filterAttributes = qtcreator 0.9.1
# macros.qdocconf
......@@ -201,5 +201,5 @@ HTML.footer = "<p /><address><hr /><div align=\"center\">\n" \
"<table width=\"100%\" cellspacing=\"0\" border=\"0\"><tr class=\"address\">\n" \
"<td width=\"30%\" align=\"left\">Copyright &copy; 2008 Nokia</td>\n" \
"<td width=\"40%\" align=\"center\">&nbsp;</td>\n" \
"<td width=\"30%\" align=\"right\"><div align=\"right\">Qt Creator 0.9</div></td>\n" \
"<td width=\"30%\" align=\"right\"><div align=\"right\">Qt Creator 0.9.1</div></td>\n" \
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