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Update dependencies

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<plugin name="Mercurial" version="1.2.91" compatVersion="1.2.91">
<plugin name="Mercurial" version="1.3.80" compatVersion="1.3.80">
<vendor>Brian McGillion</vendor>
<copyright>(C) 2008-2009 Brian McGillion</copyright>
......@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@ will be met:</license>
<description>Mercurial integration.</description>
<dependency name="TextEditor" version="1.2.91"/>
<dependency name="ProjectExplorer" version="1.2.91"/>
<dependency name="Core" version="1.2.91"/>
<dependency name="VCSBase" version="1.2.91"/>
<dependency name="TextEditor" version="1.3.80"/>
<dependency name="ProjectExplorer" version="1.3.80"/>
<dependency name="Core" version="1.3.80"/>
<dependency name="VCSBase" version="1.3.80"/>
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