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Updated todo.

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......@@ -2,16 +2,12 @@
* When the refresh button is pressed
the qtoptionspage is not updated to reflect the new versions
though we update them in S60Manager
* Qt auto-detection fails if no winscw-udeb Qt libs are installed
* QtVersion:
* gui for overriding the default make target if necessary,
make arguments --> make options
* build parser should be defined/created by toolchain, not make step
* Debugging helpers
* must probably be compiled for different toolchains
* Tool chains
* Qt4Project::setQtVersion should think about tool chains,
might be better to remove the magic in toolChainType method
......@@ -20,21 +16,10 @@
tool chain?
* seems that the make for building for device doesn't return useful exit code,
so a run is started even if the build has errors
* gcce error parser (gcc seems not to be enough sometimes, and the make tool does not return valid exit codes`
* Run Configurations
* handling of active run config getting disabled not optimal yet
* might be better from a user perspective if the run configuration
defines possible tool chains
* auto-create run configurations the first time s60 qt is selected.
* Run on device
* passphrase for signing
* time stamp of copied sisx is ridiculous
* don't copy the sisx all the time
* don't hardcode copy destination
* be able to cancel the copy & install process
* isRunning is wrong
* WINSCW tool chain:
* predefined macros
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