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Project Wizards: Make the categorie names reflect the contents

Also reorder the contents to have Qt Quick on top. Move Console Qt
to Other Projects.

Qt QWidget project isn't the best name, but the new structure is a
improvement so using it for now.


Ack-By: con
Ack-By: kkoehne
parent fd94a9c1
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ leave room for the Qt 4 target page.
<wizard version="1" kind="project"
class="qt4project" firstpage="10"
id="QmlExtensionPlugin" category="F.Projects">
id="QmlExtensionPlugin" category="C.Projects">
<description>Creates a C++ plugin that makes it possible to offer extensions that can be loaded dynamically into applications using the QDeclarativeEngine class.</description>
<displayname>Custom QML Extension Plugin</displayname>
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ Core::BaseFileWizardParameters QmlProjectApplicationWizard::parameters()
Core::BaseFileWizardParameters parameters(ProjectWizard);
parameters.setDisplayName(tr("Qt Quick UI"));
parameters.setId(QLatin1String("QA.QML Application"));
parameters.setId(QLatin1String("QB.QML Application"));
parameters.setDescription(tr("Creates a Qt Quick UI project with a single "
"QML file that contains the main view.\n\n"
......@@ -97,12 +97,12 @@ const char * const QTVERSION_SETTINGS_PAGE_ID = "Qt Versions";
const char * const QTVERSION_SETTINGS_PAGE_NAME = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Qt4ProjectManager", "Qt Versions");
// C++ wizard categories
const char * const QT_APP_WIZARD_CATEGORY = "C.QtApplicationProjects";
const char * const QT_APP_WIZARD_CATEGORY = "F.QtApplicationProjects";
const char * const QT_APP_WIZARD_TR_SCOPE = "Qt4ProjectManager";
const char * const QT_APP_WIZARD_TR_CATEGORY = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Qt4ProjectManager", "Qt C++ Project");
const char * const QT_APP_WIZARD_TR_CATEGORY = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Qt4ProjectManager", "Qt QWidget Project");
// QML wizard categories
const char * const QML_WIZARD_CATEGORY = "F.Projects"; // (after Qt)
const char * const QML_WIZARD_CATEGORY = "C.Projects"; // (before Qt)
const char * const QML_WIZARD_TR_SCOPE = "QmlProjectManager";
const char * const QML_WIZARD_TR_CATEGORY = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("QmlProjectManager", "Qt Quick Project");
const char * const QML_WIZARD_ICON = ":/qmlproject/images/qml_wizard.png";
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@
#include "consoleappwizarddialog.h"
#include "qt4projectmanagerconstants.h"
#include <projectexplorer/projectexplorerconstants.h>
#include <cpptools/abstracteditorsupport.h>
#include <QtGui/QIcon>
......@@ -57,9 +58,9 @@ namespace Internal {
: QtWizard(QLatin1String("E.Qt4Core"),
tr("Qt Console Application"),
tr("Creates a project containing a single main.cpp file with a stub implementation.\n\n"
"Preselects a desktop Qt for building the application if available."),
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