Commit 6e9a237c authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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Compilation with Min GW.

parent a94dbf94
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ WelcomeModePrivate::WelcomeModePrivate() :
#if defined(QT_NO_WEBKIT)
const char LABEL[] = Q_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Core::Internal::WelcomeMode",
const char LABEL[] = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Core::Internal::WelcomeMode",
"<center><table><tr><td><img src=\":/core/html/images/product_logo.png\"/></td><td width=300>"
"<h2><br/><br/>Welcome</h2><p> Qt Creator is an intuitive, modern cross platform IDE that enables "
"developers to create graphically appealing applications for desktop, "
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