Commit 6ebb71ab authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Squish: Fixed tst_simple_debug

Change-Id: I12053784d9d897525e29c40ea806f680577c6c09
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 14839e8a
......@@ -40,18 +40,6 @@ def takeDebuggerLog():
# on the given file,line pairs inside the given list of dicts
# the lines are treated as regular expression
def setBreakpointsForCurrentProject(filesAndLines):
# internal helper for setBreakpointsForCurrentProject
# double clicks the treeElement inside the given navTree
# TODO: merge with doubleClickFile() from tst_qml_editor & move to utils(?)
def __doubleClickFile__(navTree, treeElement):
waitForObjectItem(navTree, treeElement)
fileNamePattern = re.compile(".*\.(?P<file>(.*\\\..*)?)$")
fileName ="file").replace("\\.", ".")
doubleClickItem(navTree, treeElement, 5, 5, 0, Qt.LeftButton)
mainWindow = waitForObject(":Qt Creator_Core::Internal::MainWindow")
waitFor('fileName in str(mainWindow.windowTitle)', 5000)
return fileName
if not filesAndLines or not isinstance(filesAndLines, (list,tuple)):
......@@ -61,12 +49,13 @@ def setBreakpointsForCurrentProject(filesAndLines):
"window=':Qt Creator_Core::Internal::MainWindow'}")
for current in filesAndLines:
for curFile,curLine in current.iteritems():
fName = __doubleClickFile__(navTree, curFile)
if not openDocument(curFile):
return False
editor = getEditorForFileSuffix(curFile)
if not placeCursorToLine(editor, curLine, True):
return False
invokeMenuItem("Debug", "Toggle Breakpoint")
test.log('Set breakpoint in %s' % fName, curLine)
test.log('Set breakpoint in %s' % curFile, curLine)
breakPointTreeView = waitForObject(":Breakpoints_Debugger::Internal::BreakTreeView")
waitFor("breakPointTreeView.model().rowCount() == len(filesAndLines)", 2000)
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