Commit 71033d5d authored by kh1's avatar kh1
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Specify the used charset, fixes e.g. polish translation.

parent c448ae84
......@@ -51,9 +51,10 @@ const QString HelpViewer::AboutBlankPage =
QCoreApplication::translate("HelpViewer", "<title>about:blank</title>");
const QString HelpViewer::PageNotFoundMessage =
QCoreApplication::translate("HelpViewer", "<title>Error 404...</title><div "
"align=\"center\"><br><br><h1>The page could not be found</h1><br><h3>'%1'"
QCoreApplication::translate("HelpViewer", "<html><head><meta http-equiv=\""
"content-type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\"><title>Error 404...</title>"
"</head><body><div align=\"center\"><br><br><h1>The page could not be found</h1>"
struct ExtensionMap {
const char *extension;
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