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Doc: Add section about perf profiler statistics view

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overall bottleneck, and the thread with less samples taken has likely spent
time waiting for external events such as I/O or a mutex.
\section1 Viewing Statistics
The \uicontrol Statistics view displays the number of samples each function
in the timeline was contained in, in total and when on the top of the
stack (called \c self). This allows you to examine which functions you need
to optimize. A high number of occurrences might indicate that a function is
triggered unnecessarily or takes very long to execute.
Click on a row to move to the respective function in the source code in the
code editor.
The \uicontrol Callers and \uicontrol Callees panes show dependencies
between functions. They allow you to examine the internal functions of the
application. The \uicontrol Callers pane summarizes the functions that
called the function selected in the main view. The \uicontrol Callees pane
summarizes the functions called from the function selected in the main
Click on a row to move to the respective function in the source code in the
code editor and select it in the main view.
When you select a stack frame in the \uicontrol Timeline view, information
about it is displayed in the \uicontrol Statistics view. To view a time
range in the \uicontrol Statistics view, select
\uicontrol {Limit Statistics to Selected Range} in the context menu in the
\uicontrol Timeline view.
To copy the contents of one view or row to the clipboard, select
\uicontrol {Copy Table} or \uicontrol {Copy Row} in the context menu.
\section1 Loading Perf Data Files
You can load any \c files generated by recent versions of the
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