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Check for existince of the QMAKESPEC_ORIGINAL directory

Some mkspecs do have a QMAKESPEC_ORIGINAL and yet that directory doesn't
exist. In that case ignore it.

parent 7f3f30c0
......@@ -1161,9 +1161,11 @@ void QtVersion::updateToolChainAndMkspec() const
if (line.startsWith("QMAKESPEC_ORIGINAL")) {
const QList<QByteArray> &temp = line.split('=');
if (temp.size() == 2) {
mkspecFullPath =;
QString possibleFullPath =;
// We sometimes get a mix of different slash styles here...
mkspecFullPath = mkspecFullPath.replace('\\', '/');
possibleFullPath = possibleFullPath.replace('\\', '/');
if (QFileInfo(possibleFullPath).exists()) // Only if the path exists
mkspecFullPath = possibleFullPath
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