Commit 741a3e8e authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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small refactoring

parent 9c19ec02
......@@ -3647,11 +3647,16 @@ void GdbEngine::handleStackListLocals(const GdbResultRecord &record)
// stage 2/2
// There could be shadowed variables
QHash<QString, int> seen;
QList<GdbMi> locals ="locals").children();
locals += m_currentFunctionArgs;
void GdbEngine::setLocals(const QList<GdbMi> &locals)
//qDebug() << m_varToType;
QHash<QString, int> seen;
foreach (const GdbMi &item, locals) {
#ifdef Q_OS_MAC
......@@ -326,6 +326,7 @@ private:
void handleVarListChildrenHelper(const GdbMi &child,
const WatchData &parent);
void setWatchDataType(WatchData &data, const GdbMi &mi);
void setLocals(const QList<GdbMi> &locals);
QString m_editedData;
int m_pendingRequests;
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