Commit 757a5a28 authored by Orgad Shaneh's avatar Orgad Shaneh Committed by Tobias Hunger

Git: Detect rc versions

Rename local vars to avoid collision with macros defined in

Change-Id: I6da7354102cca898d2600296242131e4c343c019
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent ad33b33f
......@@ -3839,14 +3839,15 @@ unsigned GitClient::synchronousGitVersion(QString *errorMessage) const
return 0;
// cut 'git version'
// another form: 'git version 1.9.rc1'
const QString output = commandOutputFromLocal8Bit(outputText);
QRegExp versionPattern(QLatin1String("^[^\\d]+(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\.(\\d+).*$"));
QRegExp versionPattern(QLatin1String("^[^\\d]+(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\.(\\d+|rc\\d).*$"));
QTC_ASSERT(versionPattern.isValid(), return 0);
QTC_ASSERT(versionPattern.exactMatch(output), return 0);
const unsigned major = versionPattern.cap(1).toUInt(0, 16);
const unsigned minor = versionPattern.cap(2).toUInt(0, 16);
const unsigned patch = versionPattern.cap(3).toUInt(0, 16);
return version(major, minor, patch);
const unsigned majorV = versionPattern.cap(1).toUInt(0, 16);
const unsigned minorV = versionPattern.cap(2).toUInt(0, 16);
const unsigned patchV = versionPattern.cap(3).toUInt(0, 16);
return version(majorV, minorV, patchV);
GitClient::StashInfo::StashInfo() :
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