Commit 810aab63 authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Fix gcc mkspec being considered incompatible

Fix Gcc mkspec for linux-g++-32 being considered incompatible with
linux-g++ on 32 bit machines (and same for 64bit ones).

Change-Id: Iaf914f26e0aed298ff5a875b5e3af3735d4142d9
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 282e26bc
......@@ -438,8 +438,12 @@ QList<Utils::FileName> GccToolChain::suggestedMkspecList() const
if (abi.os() == Abi::LinuxOS) {
if (abi.osFlavor() != Abi::GenericLinuxFlavor)
return QList<Utils::FileName>(); // most likely not a desktop, so leave the mkspec alone.
if (abi.wordWidth() == host.wordWidth())
return QList<Utils::FileName>() << Utils::FileName::fromString(QLatin1String("linux-g++")); // no need to explicitly set the word width
if (abi.wordWidth() == host.wordWidth()) {
// no need to explicitly set the word width, but provide that mkspec anyway to make sure
// that the correct compiler is picked if a mkspec with a wordwidth is given.
return QList<Utils::FileName>() << Utils::FileName::fromString(QLatin1String("linux-g++"))
<< Utils::FileName::fromString(QLatin1String("linux-g++-") + QString::number(m_targetAbi.wordWidth()));
return QList<Utils::FileName>() << Utils::FileName::fromString(QLatin1String("linux-g++-") + QString::number(m_targetAbi.wordWidth()));
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