Commit 8bea8816 authored by Tim Jenssen's avatar Tim Jenssen
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read INSTALLER_ARCHIVE variable from environment

With that we can overwrite the default value which is not
needed in the build package for SDK case.

Change-Id: Ife33317a92149f812aafebf806743f3e322ead1d
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent 210e54bf
......@@ -50,14 +50,19 @@ macx {
INSTALLER_ARCHIVE = $$OUT_PWD/qt-creator-$${PATTERN}-installer-archive.7z
INSTALLER_ARCHIVE = $$OUT_PWD/qt-creator-$${PATTERN}-installer-archive.7z
} else {
bindist.depends = deployqt
bindist.commands = 7z a -mx9 $$OUT_PWD/qt-creator-$${PATTERN}.7z \"$$BINDIST_SOURCE\"
bindist_installer.depends = deployqt
bindist_installer.commands = 7z a -mx9 $$OUT_PWD/qt-creator-$${PATTERN}-installer-archive.7z \"$$BINDIST_INSTALLER_SOURCE\"
bindist_installer.commands = 7z a -mx9 $${INSTALLER_ARCHIVE} \"$$BINDIST_INSTALLER_SOURCE\"
installer.depends = bindist_installer
installer.commands = $$PWD/scripts/ -i \"$(IFW_PATH)\" -v $${QTCREATOR_VERSION} -a \"$$INSTALLER_ARCHIVE\" "qt-creator-$${PATTERN}"
installer.commands = $$PWD/scripts/ -i \"$(IFW_PATH)\" -v $${QTCREATOR_VERSION} -a \"$${INSTALLER_ARCHIVE}\" "qt-creator-$${PATTERN}"
win32 {
deployqt.commands ~= s,/,\\\\,g
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