Commit 91ec3dd5 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Show QML Folder only once, where it is set.

That's a child of the .pri file for our new wizard. To be improved.
parent fac625cf
......@@ -545,9 +545,9 @@ void Qt4PriFileNode::update(ProFile *includeFileExact, ProFileReader *readerExac
QStringList folders;
QStringList dynamicVariables = dynamicVarNames(readerExact, readerCumulative);
foreach (const QString &dynamicVar, dynamicVariables) {
folders += readerExact->values(dynamicVar);
folders += readerExact->values(dynamicVar, includeFileExact);
if (readerCumulative)
folders += readerCumulative->values(dynamicVar);
folders += readerCumulative->values(dynamicVar, includeFileCumlative);
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