Commit 933592e6 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Squish: Add debug output on fail

Change-Id: I6ccf33aca23a819ef19ac148b27e36d40854b4cb
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Löhning <>
parent e0070e57
......@@ -160,6 +160,8 @@ class JIRA:
test.fatal("FATAL: Cannot get resolution of bugreport %s" % bug,
"Looks like JIRA has changed.... Please verify!")
self._resolution = None
if None in (self._status, self._resolution):
self._fetchResults_.update({bug:[self._resolution, self._status]})
# simple helper function - used as fallback if python has no ssl support
......@@ -180,6 +182,24 @@ class JIRA:
return getOutputFromCmdline('"%s" %s %s/%s-%d' % (prog, cmdAndArgs[call], JIRA_URL, self._bugType, self._number))
return None
# this function crops multiple whitespaces from fetched and searches for expected
# ids without using regex
def __cropAndLog__(self, fetched):
fetched = " ".join(fetched.split())
resoInd = fetched.find('resolution-val')
statInd = fetched.find('status-val')
if resoInd == statInd == -1:
test.log("Neither resolution nor status found inside fetched data.",
"%s[...]" % fetched[:200])
if resoInd == -1:
test.log("Fetched and cropped data: [...]%s[...]" % fetched[statInd-20:statInd+800])
elif statInd == -1:
test.log("Fetched and cropped data: [...]%s[...]" % fetched[resoInd-720:resoInd+100])
test.log("Fetched and cropped data (status): [...]%s[...]" % fetched[statInd-20:statInd+300],
"Fetched and cropped data (resolution): [...]%s[...]" % fetched[resoInd-20:resoInd+100])
# this function initializes the bug dict for localOnly usage and
# for later lookup which function to call for which bug
# ALWAYS update this dict when adding a new function for a workaround!
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