Commit 934a9590 authored by Olivier Goffart's avatar Olivier Goffart
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parent c94382b8
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ QString QmlStandaloneApp::path(Path path, Location location) const
const QString qmlRootFolder = QLatin1String("qml/")
+ (useExistingMainQml() ? m_mainQmlFile.dir().dirName() : m_projectName)
+ QLatin1Char('/');
const QString templatesRoot(templatesRoot());
const QString templatesRoot(this->templatesRoot());
const QString cppSourceSubDir = QLatin1String("cpp/");
const QString cppTargetSubDir = cppSourceSubDir;
const QString qmlExtension = QLatin1String(".qml");
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